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ULTRA freeze tag

Ultra Freeze Tag is a teamplay modification based on Darrell Bircsak's Freeze Tag 1.5. You should catch on pretty fast - just shoot the other team up, and when they'd usually die they freeze instead. Once you have all the players on the other team frozen at the same time, your team gets a point and another round will start. To thaw a frozen teammate, stand next to him for a while. When your team reaches the round limit, the game is over. Besides the totally new and totally cool gameplay (big props to Doolittle for dreaming it up and implementing it), there are a few other game features you should be aware of:

•An offhand grapple. If the server administrator enables it (with g_grapple), players may bind a grapple key in SETUP->CONTROLS->SHOOT. The bots even know how to use it.

•The ability to drop items
•New voice chats
•Server-side lag compensation for instant-hit weapons. This includes the machinegun, shotgun, lightning gun, and railgun. Just point and click to hit an enemy, no matter what your ping is! (If you don't want it, turn it off in SETUP->GAME OPTIONS.)
•Tons of configuration options (play standard, instagib, or Clan Arena-like)
•Competition commands and configuration (referee login and commands, ready, timeouts, team locking)
•An opt-in, client-side chat filter (turn it on in SETUP->GAME OPTIONS)
- A whole bunch of juicy statistics
•Nifty server configuration options like custom help files and voting for entire server configurations
•Hunt Mode, if you want something just a little different