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Take real life paintball and crush it into a Quake 3 Mod and you have Q3 Paintball. Game play comes in CTF, Deathmatch, and my favorite, jailbreak. Well, it's not really like Jailbreak. If you get tagged by your opponent you are immediately taken off the field and placed into a tagged station were you will sit for the remainder of the match. There are no special buttons to release you from your station, so you just have to be patient and wait it out. When I first started playing the mod (after I binded my special keys), I had this little gun called the Talon which was like storming the beaches of Normandy with a BB gun. Now, you have to remember, this is paintball so you will need some Co2 to give those little plastic balls some power. Also it is wise to seek out a good hopper to hold all those paintballs you collect so you won't run out of ammo. The maps in Q3 Paintball give you that realistic paintball playing feel. Instead of running around dungeons and lava infested maps, you will have the opportunity to be in open and closed surroundings like if you were playing down the street with some friends. Then you have the wild maps with waterfalls and mountains which give you room to set up an outgoing attack and troop placement. I personally enjoyed this mod and will be playing it quite often. So what are you waiting for? Go start downloading Q3 Paintball!


Installation is as simple as they come. First thing you want to do is download the Q3 PBall Beta 1.0 file which is 69 megs. Once that's downloaded, all you have to do is double click the file to install.  It will create the paintball folder for you so you won't have to add it yourself. Next, download the upgrade, extract all of the files enclosed in the q3pbb1.zip to your Quake III Arena directory
(example: c:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\). Overwrite evertying.

After that, make sure you read the readme.txt in folder which will explain the special binds that need to be set up for the game. Once that's done, you're ready to rock and roll.


If you're familiar with the real paintball guns used in real life paintball battles, then you should have no problem identifying the characteristics of these weapons. For a detailed look at the gun models used in Q3 Paintball go here. These are the guns you will be carrying:

F4 Illustrator
Tippman 98
Outlaw Bruiser
Talon (Which is the gun you start the game with)


The items are by far the most fun part of the game. You start out with the Talon gun and run around trying to gather some more hi- tech equipment for your quest for paintball domination. Here is the current item list for Q3 Paintball which I have a feeling will grow when other betas get released:

Paint Grenade (Throw this at your opponents and watch them get juiced)
Smoke Grenade (Great for cover in the heat of battle)
Ammo Boxes
12 gram, 4oz, 7oz, 12oz, and 20 oz Co2 Cans (Very important hehe)
40 Round Hopper
100 Round Hopper
200 Round Hopper
200 Round Motorized Hopper
Ceramic Barrel
Stainless Steel Barrel
Black Aluminum Barrel

You will find all these items of great importance in the game. And be sure to have your special keys binded or else you won't last ten seconds in the field.


Creating a dedicated server:
For the creation of a dedicated internet server, execute the StrtDedNetSvr.bat file in your paintball directory. This will begin Q3 and load all of
the necessary server files.

Creating a dedicated  LAN server:
For the creation of a dedicated LAN server, execute the StrtDedLANSvr.bat file in your paintball directory. This will begin Q3 and load all of
the necessary server files.