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This is the final BETA 2.4 of the MATRIX MOD for Quake 3.

Installation Quick Guide below:

NOTE: this install requires at least 1.29 release of Quake 3 Arena.
Unzip everything to your quake directory in a subdirectory called matrix (or whatever you want to call it)
example: c:\program files\quake III arena\matrix\[unzip here]

To load the mod, click the "Mods" option from the main Quake 3 menu, and select "Matrix" from the list.

To bind a key to reload your weapons type the following into the console in Matrix Quake.
\bind ? "reload"replacing ? with the key of your choice.

Holding jump down while next to a wall and facing away lets you walk the walls. Letting jump go drops you off. Facing a wall while holding jump will kick you away from the wall, in the exactopposite direction you are facing (if you look 45 degrees down, you will kick up and away from the wall 45 degrees upwards).

The "Personal Teleporter" has been replaced by "The Matrix". using it (with the "Use" button for all holdable items) will initiate bullettime, using "The Matrix" in bullettime will come back out of bullettime.

Download the 2.4 BETA (20.2 meg zipped)